Juliana is a modern maker. From an early age she was encouraged by her mother to create what was inside her head, which carried into her schoolwork and eventually led her to study architecture. It was during her studies and time spent abroad in Copenhagen that she expanded on her knowledge and appreciation for practical design. She was able to learn new prototyping processes that led to her first line of laser cut and handcrafted goods. She has a passion for crafting things with her hands, while also utilizing technology such as laser cutting to achieve unexpected results with natural materials.

Each piece is inspired by geometry and materiality and designed by Juliana in her Brooklyn studio.


After the design phase, components are arranged on sheets of the material using digital design software. This eliminates material waste and allows for precision. Each component is laser cut in the Garment District. After cutting, the pieces are individually cleaned, some hand painted, and finished with a wax balm. Pieces are then arranged and combined with additional materials such as natural hand dyed cotton cord or brass beads and findings. The final product is a collection of wearable accessories and home goods that combine the precision of modern digital fabrication tools with carefully sourced and finished material.