About the Material


Care & Cleaning

Vegetable-tanned leather is more natural and eco-friendly than most leathers, and so we feel it deserves extra attention.

Please note that this is a natural material and slight discoloration within the piece is to be expected. Over time, this organic material will darken and soften with exposure to sunlight, wear, and natural oils from your skin. The piece will take on its own unique color, shape, and form as it is loved and worn.

Since leather is easily malleable and organic, laying pieces flat or keeping separate from other wares when not in use is recommended. Please keep your leather pieces in a safe and dry space.

All of our pieces are pre-treated with a wax balm, but if you feel your piece needs additional cleaning please use a dry cotton rag to wipe the surface.

Try to keep your leather goods away from water and extreme heat. Although not ideal, if the piece does come in contact with water do your best to re-shape the piece and lay flat to dry.